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OKAYA Hadi Tubular Technology have spine made of low Antimony Lead Alloy, with Selenium, Tin to protect the lead support from anodic corrosion. OKAYA makes the spine by High Pressure “HADI’ casting Process at 100 bar While other manufacturers use gravity or low pressure casting. The tubular batteries spine are embedded in a relatively low-density packed active material. During long power cuts it offers high depth of discharge & recovers from deep discharge.


Inverter, Very long backup UPS, Switchgear operations in substations, Solar & Wind power.

Features & Advantages

  • Hadi Tubular Technology using high pressure casting for flawless grid.
  • High Acid volume per ampere hour to avoid battery going dry for longer life.
  • Latest PE Industrial Sleeve Separator for double life.
  • Deep Cycle Design for quick recovery from high depth of discharge.
  • Low self discharge for longer shelf life.
  • Resistance to abuse due to deep discharge.
  • Very Low maintenance.
  • Ceramic water level indicator for ease of use and condensing oxygen & hydrogen vapor.
  • Heavy Duty Terminals suitable for carrying heavy current.
  • Made of 99.994% purity which enhances performance.

Battery Model

Type Model No. Capacity Container Warranty Cont.+lid Colour CWLI
Hadi Tubular HT 7048 150 Ah OB-500 48(36+12) White-Blue Blue
Tall Tubular HT 6048 150 Ah - 48(30+18) White-Blue Blue
Tall Tubular HT 6036 150 Ah - 48(30+18) White-Blue Blue
Tall Tubular TT 5024 150 Ah LT-500 48(24+24) White-Blue Blue